Hammocks and stove installations

We've been in El Salvador for 3 days now. And we are loving it. The people, the hospitality, the food, the natural beauty, the freshness of the fruit, the vitality of the churches! We arrived an hour behind schedule on Saturday evening due to delays in Dallas. We stepped out of the airport in San … Continue reading Hammocks and stove installations


You’ve Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life

Kristie Kerr -- Worship Leader.  Author.  Speaker.  Co-Founder of Fourth Floor Ministries.  www.kristerkerr.com  I traveled with Kristie on my recent trip to Panama and wanted to share her beautifully penned reflections from our time there. I’ve  just come home from a missions trip to Panama City. We hosted a conference for girls and saw over 1500 … Continue reading You’ve Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life